Leaders pour la paix

Annual Conference – Leaders for Peace – May 8th and 9th, 2023
Audience with the President of the Republic, Mr. Emmanuel Macron.
Palais de l’Elysée – May 8th, 2023
Presentation on New Reflections for Peace by Bertrand Badie.
Closing of the 2023 Annual Conference by Mr. Hubert Védrine, Mr. Enrico Letta, and Ms. Rachel Khan
On the occasion of the closing of its 2023 Annual Conference, the Leaders for Peace Foundation
organized a Gala Dinner attended by various French and international personalities.
We wish to thank warmly our various guests of honor, Mr. Hubert Védrine, former Minister of Foreign
Affairs, Mr. Enrico Letta, President of the Jacques Delors Institute, and Ms. Rachel Khan, author of the
essay « Racée » and winner of the 2021 Human Rights Literary Prize. Their different interventions infused
a wave of optimism for the future and fraternity in the spirit of each guest.
This gathering also served as a reminder of the raison d’être of Leaders for Peace. Ms. Donia Kaouach,
General Director of the Foundation, delivered a speech on the importance of Pedagogy for Peace,
highlighting the various intervention axes of the Leaders for Peace Foundation, including the project of
the Peace Itinerant School.
Finally, we sincerely thank Mr. Laurent Couson and Ms. Maria José Mattar who conveyed their emotions
through the performance of Requiem XIX for fraternity and peace.