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Smart Peace Prize, Prize for Peace Education in Early Childhood

Threats abound, challenges escalate. Within a world plagued by intense international tensions and numerous crises threatening peace and international equilibrium, we vehemently oppose our emotions, yet we mobilize our reason sparingly, thus weakening our capacity for anticipation. It has become apparent to us that the source of any resurgence lies in the public’s awareness of the gravity of our situation because the consciousness of war is a prerequisite for the spirit of peace.

This awareness would be even more effective if instilled from a young age. The pedagogy of peace aimed at the youngest could thus instill reflexes of tolerance and respect that would positively condition the behaviors of future adults and prevent violent attitudes. Integrating peace education as a basic teaching seems essential to us to change mentalities and make future generations more pacifist and concerned about the stability of the world.

The Smart Peace Prize for Early Childhood and Youth is an award that:
● Recognizes and highlights successful experiences in establishing a sustainable pedagogy of
peace for the youngest;
● Rewards pedagogical initiatives that invest in children from an early age;
● Showcases prevention actions that place pedagogy at the heart of their methods.

Any public or private organization dedicated to early childhood and having developed a program for
peace education aimed at children and youth is eligible for consideration.
The program must be a pedagogical program aimed at raising awareness of peace and non-violent
It should target children aged between 3 and 11 years old.
The program must have been in existence for a minimum of two years.
All countries are eligible for this Prize

A pre-selection committee composed of experts will choose 3 nominations from the submitted
A jury consisting of the entire council of Leaders for Peace (see « Council of Leaders » section on our
website) and chaired by Jean-Pierre Raffarin, will then select the winner of the Prize from among the
selected candidates.

The call for applications is open until December 12, 2024 (23:00 GMT).
Leaders for Peace reserves the right to modify or cancel the competition if circumstances require it.
Leaders for Peace shall not be held responsible in case of modification of the competition dates.

This Prize has been created on January 4th 2019 during a meeting of the Leaders for Peace at the
United Nation.

By filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

The jury will decide on the winning program based on its degree of:
● Pedagogy
● Innovation
● Sustainability
● Resilience
● Applicability

It is possible to apply in French or English.

Candidates must fill the following form.

Deadline for application: December 12th 2024

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