Leaders pour la paix

What is the Peace Lab?

In order to foster the emergence of both novel and expedient ideas, Leaders for Peace sought to develop an innovative form of meeting: the Peace Lab.

This Peace Lab method was conceived to encourage debate and reflection through a group dynamic facilitating the elaboration of constructive proposals and agents of change.

Regularly employed for the Annual Ambassadors Conference in Germany, as well as by numerous multilateral organizations such as the World Bank, this method is developed in partnership with the Think tank Foraus and has been successfully utilized to inform various discussions.

Peace Labs consist of one to three initial interventions setting the scope of the topic and the working method. The profile of the speakers comprises experts specialized in the subject matter or authoritative figures on the topic being addressed. Subsequently, the « Workshop Tables » have two and a half hours to develop thoughts and proposals on identified themes.

Among a few examples, several Peace Labs have addressed themes such as « Women and Peace, » « Investments and Peace, » or « Environment and Peace. » In 2022, the various Peace Labs notably focused on the role of youth in peacebuilding. In partnership with young students engaged in organizations active in the field of international relations, diplomacy, and development (such as Geneva Youth Call, Swiss Diplomacy Student Association, and Geneva International Model United Nations), we conducted a Peace Lab during our annual conference in May 2022 centered on « Youth and Peace ».

PL – Environment & Peace - December 2019

PL – Environment & Peace - December 2019

PL – Environment & Peace - December 2019

PL – Youth & Peace - May 2022