Leaders pour la paix

« Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. »

Nelson Mandela

Peace can no longer be considered a utopia but rather constitutes the condition and optimal means for
sustainable prosperity. Faced with the combined effects of the resurgence of forgotten perils and the
emergence of new threats, it is our collective responsibility to arm future generations in the fight for
peace. This is the founding vocation of the Itinerant Schools of Peace: to ensure that young people
receive the transmission of tools and methods for building peace by sanctifying the universal part
residing within each of us, respecting all differences and cultures. Humbly, because we are aware of the
weight of the task, but animated by the power of passion, the Foundation, through this initiative, aims to
enrich and deepen a new global ecosystem of peace by adopting a utilitarian vision rather than a
charitable one of development.

Leaders for Peace organized, in partnership with the renowned Amadou Gon Coulibaly Institute of
Political Training, its 4th edition of the Itinerant Schools of Peace in March 2023, in Abidjan, Côte

Out of the 4000 applications received, 100 students were selected to participate in this seminar. During
which they were able to receive instruction on academic subjects essential to engagement for peace and
understanding of global issues such as: energy transition, geopolitics of water, gender issues, the role of
media and new technologies, terrorism threats in Africa, and leadership. Students also had the
opportunity, during this training, to debate with the professors and leaders present, sparking exciting
discussions, notably on the issues of water resource management and gender in politics.

Course modules :