Leaders pour la paix

Threats abound, challenges grow. Within a world plagued by intense international tensions and numerous crises threatening peace and international equilibrium, we vehemently oppose with our emotions, yet we mobilize our reason sparingly, thus weakening our capacity for anticipation.

It has become apparent to us that the source of any resurgence lies in the public’s awareness of the gravity of our situation because the consciousness of war is a prerequisite for the spirit of peace. This awareness would be even more effective if instilled from a young age. Peace education aimed at the youngest could instill reflexes of tolerance and respect that would positively condition the behaviors of future adults and prevent violent attitudes. Integrating peace education as a basic teaching is essential to change mentalities and make future generations more pacifist and concerned about the stability of the world.

To this end, our organization has decided to establish the Smart Peace Prize for Peace Education in Early Childhood. This initiative rewards each year a pedagogical program sensitizing the youngest (from 3 years old) to the culture of peace, dialogue, and respect for others.

Smart Peace Prize 2022

Smart Peace Prize 2021